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As a Protestant I found your website very interesting and presented with integrity. It provides a wealth of information and greater understanding of the Catholic Church with a welcoming perspective.

Hey D!

I love the site.

I enjoyed talking with you this evening after church.

This is a test of the guestbook. If it is not working please click on Administrator in this box and email me. Please explain the behavior so I can figure out what is happening. Thanks, Don AHA CatholicSeymour

please email me and I will tell you something amazing

You are thorough and have good links.

There is one true God, but with the essence of 3, the Triity: God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit.

Please feel free to sign my guestbook. All are welcome to this site as I simply want to share my journey of the Christian faith. Please, no vulgar language or name calling. Those who choose to use this Guestbook to share your thoughts are expected to conduct yourselves in a Christ like manner. I have a zero tolerance policy on harassment and abuse of others, period. This site is meant to share the truth that our Savior Jesus Christ left, as the deposit of faith, through His Apostolic Ministry in love. I am loathe to ban anyone but if you fail to comply with this simple request you will be given one warning. The second violation will result in immediate action at my discretion. Without love we are no more than a clanging symbol and a noisy gong. Love and peace to you all.