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      This Link page is for various recourses so that my visitors will not
have to send hours and hours of research and muddling through
countless Webpages out on the net. I have tried very hard to select
those pages that are pertain ant and present The Roman Catholic
Faith in clarity and simply. I do not feel the need to burden those of you
who have been kind enough to visit my site with the boring language of
theology. It has been said that a man who shoots over the heads of his
audience not only fails to show how smart he is. He also proves that he
can't shoot. I have included an online Bible and the online version of the
Catholic Catechism. With the Catechism you will be able to look up
everything that the Church teaches and believes. The Venerable
Fulton Sheen once said that people reject the Catholic Church not
because of what she believes but because of what they think she
believes. The primary purpose of this site is to inform visitors of what
Catholics hold as truth and why. Everyone is free to make up their own
mind. The Church has had her enemies and dissenters from the very
beginning. The Apostle Paul declares that the Church is the bulwark
and pillar of truth. I have also included links to Catholic daily devotions
for those who are interested in Catholic spirituality. I have relied heavily
on some sited due to their simplicity. I have included a teaching series by
Dr. Thomas Woods. It is an excellent presentation of the Church's role
in civilization. He clears up many misconceptions that our modern world
holds to be true about the Roman Catholic Church in a 13 part series.
There are many more links that I would like to add in the future.
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