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        This is the Distasteful Rules Page that no one, including myself likes to have on
their site. However I feel it necessary to include a few basic rules so that this site may be
enjoyed by all who visit in my Virtual Study Room. Religion is most passionate and
opinionated subject that I know of. This is as it should be. We are all on a journey that
will one day end. Each one of us will end up in the grave and become nothing more than
food for the worms, which in turn becomes food for the birds, and the birds in turn
become food themselves. I think you get the picture. We are not all equal in this world as
some would have us believe but the grave will see to that when we are all laid low. All are
equal in dignity and should be treated with respect due to the fact that mankind was
created in the image of God. Some on this journey believe in the "modern pantheism"
that says all religions are equal so long as you believe in God. You perception, is your
truth they say.

      We need to be tolerant and loving because God is love. That is most certainly true
true but it does not follow that love is God. If Love is God then love rules and all His
other attributes go by the wayside. If God is love then God rules in love. Sense God is
God in His entirety then God completely just in His judgments and ways. It is a subtle
difference but it makes all the difference. For others like myself who believe in a
monotheist religion it is all important that we believe in a religion that has been revealed
for heaven. We as people do not argue God's existence for the most part, we argue
over who we think He is and what He has said in the scripture. Monotheists fall into the
same error as the pan theistic religions do in that sense. We want to say who God is
rather than accept who He has revealed Himself to be.  So many approach the Bible to
“prove what they believe” rather than coming to listen to it and obey. I confess to you my
brothers and sisters I have been guilty of this sin. I wanted to believe but I also wanted to
keep my authority so to speak. It is easy when you live by your own standards but it is
not so easy when you have to submit your life to the Church that has been around for
2000 years and will be here until kingdom come. I am Roman Catholic and I am not
ashamed to be called so. I have written this just so that you will know where I am coming
from. Thus these few simple rules for this Blog / Forum. God fills hungry hearts that will
pursue Him with their whole heart. With God it is an all or nothing proposition. May you
hunger and thirst for Him in the depth of your soul and be filled with His marvelous love.                                                                   

Guests shall conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate to all age groups. Swearing or use of any provocative language is prohibited. This is a child friendly site. You will be given only one warning.

All visitors have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and feel safe in expressing their opinions. No matter how deep your passions run you shall treat others as you want to be treated. Control thyself. 

Anyone is welcome to this site so long as you are not some obnoxious troll. You are certainly entitled to your beliefs and I respect that. I have been perfectly up front as to my intentions and beliefs regarding this site. Personal attack's on myself or anyone that uses this site is strictly prohibited. Both Catholics and Protestants are included in this policy. The intent of this is to explain the Catholic faith, not to debate it.

Having given this considerable thought I have to enforce a policy that I don't really care for but one must have a policy when it comes to the abuse of others. As I stated above I see this site as my Virtual Study Room. I want first of all to be a good host. Unfortunately that means that I will have to ask some people to leave. At my discretion you will be asked to leave after the second offence. At the third offence I will be forced to ban you from this site. I will not ban anyone for a simple difference of opinion.  I have been banned only once in my entire virtual life and quite unfairly I might add. I want to be fair to all who do me the honor of visiting CatholicSeymour's Homepage.
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